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Wet Plate Camera

Wet Plate Camera - Sliding Back Makes Wet Plates A Breeze - Camera Includes Lens


Making the Traditional Wet Plate Camera; Collodion, Dry Plate, Daguerreotype


WW II airplane camera lens for wet plate or LF cameras f 1040 / 8 or astro


8x10 Wet Plate Studio Camera. Century No. 2


Mahogany camera 5x7 (13x18cm) wet plate collodion


4 x 5 Century Camera with Darlot Lens for wet plate, dry plate, film


Giant lens Best for ULF wet plate 8x10 to 18x18 Kodak Deardof wood etc. cameras


Make a Wet Plate Sliding Box Camera, for Daguerreotype or Collodion Photography


Super Dagor 199/4,5 very rare peak optica for wet plate Linhof Arca 8x10 camera


Early small glass plate camera 6.5x4 cm pre kodak and Agfa wet-plate Boxcamera




Both books on how to make Wet Plate Cameras.


Vintage Vageeswari Plate Holder For 8.5x15 Inch Field Camera,Wet/Dry Holder


Vintage Vageeswari Plate Holder For 6.5x15 Inch Field Camera,Wet/Dry Holder(#2)


Vintage Japanese Dark Slide Plate Holder For 10x12 Inch Field Camera,Wet Plate


Schultze Bilerbeck satz lens wood wet plate Zeiss Thorthon Voigtlander cameras


Gamma Labor 400 / 3,9 mm lens for sale wet plate 8x10 Kodak Deardof wood cameras


Weitwinkel aristogstigmat 120 for wood wet plate Zeiss Thorthon etc. cameras


India Made Shevade Wooden Camera Plate Holder Fr Field Camera, Wet/Dry Holder


M 42.5 / 43 brass lens flange large format lens 4.25 cm 4.3 wet plate camera ☆☆☆


M 49, aluminum lens flange, large format lens 5.7 cm 5.8 wet plate camera ☆☆☆


Stereoview Rare Studio Portrait William Myles 1860 USA Boy & Wet Plate Camera ?


Antique Brass Petzval Camera 4" Lens Portrait Collodion Wet Plate Photography