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Wet Plate

Whole Plate Wet Plate Camera (Star Camera Company)


Wet Plate Camera - 4.25 X 4.25 Inches - With A James W. Queen & Co. Brass Lens


Antique Brass Ross Portrait Petzval Lens, 1840s, Rare. F3 Wet Plate and/or Dag.


Wet plate Collodion 8 x10 Start Up Kit Baths, trays racks


Wooden french camera 18x24cm similar to 8x10 wet plate collodion


Carl Zeiss Tessar 165mm F2.7 Wet Plate Collodion


Hermagis No 6 Aplanastigmat 270mm(10.5 inch) F7.7 Brass Lens Wet Plate, Antique


Making the Traditional Wet Plate Camera; Collodion, Dry Plate, Daguerreotype


Modern Collodion - Wet Plate Tintype Plates 5x7 - 15 Pack


Hardwood Wet Plate Camera 7 X 7 Inches With A Beautiful Lens & Custom Made Back


8x10 Studio Camera. Century No. 2 for nice display or possible wet plate or film


5X7 Wet Plate Camera and a 5X7 Stereo Wet Plate Camera - Includes Three Lenses


Wet Plate Collodion 4x5 Start Up Kit - Free Shipping


HOLGAmods 3D Printed Wet Plate, Dry Plate, Tintype Drying Rack


Wet Plate Photography 5 X 7 Silver Box


Vintage Zeiss Ikon 2-1/4X3-1/4 Pack Film Holder For Film/Wet Plate Photography K


Wet Plate Collodion 5x7 Kit - Free Shipping


Modern Collodion 8x10 Wet Plate Fixer Bath


Wet Plate Collodion Kit 12x20 - Free Shipping


M 97, brass E. SUTER Basel APLANAT A #5 wet plate petzval 18x15 large format ☆☆☆


Brass iris mount sale wet plate 8x10 Linhof Kodak Toyo Deardof Zone VI Sinar


Wet Plate Collodion 11x14 Kit - Free Shipping


Wet Plate Collodion 8x10 Kit - Free Shipping


Wet Plate Collodion 16x20 In Bath Box & Dipper - Free Shipping


Giant lens Best for ULF wet plate 8x10 to 18x18 Kodak Deardof wood etc. cameras


Chemical Pictures The Wet Plate Collodion Book


Modern Collodion - Wet Plate Tintype Plates 4x5 - 15 Pack


C. Friedrich Munchen Doppelanastigmat Coronar 210mm F4.5 wet plate


Modern Collodion - Wet Plate Tintype Plates 8x10 - 10 Pack


c1877 Ross Mahogany & Brass 12x12" Wet Plate Tailboard Camera W/15x12 Brass Lens


Make a Wet Plate Sliding Box Camera, for Daguerreotype or Collodion Photography


Voigtlander #6 Heliar 14" (356mm) f/4.5 vintage lens. Wet Plate PORTRAITS.


Vintage Taiyo-Anastigmat 18cm(180mm) F4.5 Fast Brass Lens Ideal For Wet Plate


Wet Plate Collodion 4x5 Bath Box & Dipper - Free Shipping


193055 Wet-Plate 5x7-inch Plate Sensitizing Bath Box w/Plastic Liner


WW II airplane camera lens for wet plate or LF cameras f 1040 / 8 or astro


Antique Super Rare J H Dallmeyer 8 x10 Rapid Rectilinear Brass Lens Wet Plate


Super Dagor 199/4,5 very rare peak optica for wet plate Linhof Arca 8x10 camera


Wet Plate Collodion 8x10 & 4x5 Combined Kit - Free Shipping


Wollensak Velostigmat 15 1/2" (395mm) f/4.5 Portrait / Soft Focus lens-Wet Plate


Wet Plate Collodion 5x7 Bath Box & Dipper - Free Shipping


Schultze Billerbeck Euryplan satz lens wet plate Zeiss Linhof Voigtlander Arca


Wet Plate Collodion 10x12 Bath Box & Dipper - Free Shipping