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Wet Plate

E&HT ANTHONY & CO NEW YORK 8" X 10" Collodion Wet Plate Studio Camera


Fantastic Wet Plate Camera - 4X5 Inches - With A James W. Queen


Antique Vintage Wooden Base, Rails Wet Plate Drying or Display Rack.


Wet Plate Collodion Kodak 3B Camera with 15 Tintype Plates


Modern Collodion Solid Oak Wet Plate Drying Rack


Modern Collodion - Wet Plate Tintype Plates 4x5 - 15 Pack


New Wet Plate Collodion Portrait Head Brace Stand


5 Photo Plate holders 9x12 - photo plait for collodion wet plate


8x10 Wet Plate Studio Camera. Century No. 2


Vintage Kodak 3-1/4 X 4-1/4 Film Pack Adapter For Film or Wet Plate


"LEWIS & HOLT" embossed Glass Wet Plate Collodion Bottle c1860 152 CHATHAM St NY


8X10 plate holder (Wet Collodion Tintype) ONE SIDE


Kodak 8X10 plate holder (glass wet dry collodion tintype) DOUBLE SIDED


Modern Collodion 8x10 Wet Plate Fixer Bath


Modern Collodion - Wet Plate Tintype Plates 8x10 - 10 Pack


Modern Collodion 8x10 Wet Plate Silver Bath




4 x 5 Century Camera with Darlot Lens for wet plate, dry plate, film


Dallmeyer 12x10 Rapid Rectilinear Wet Plate Brass Lens 1868 Antique


Remington 1¾” Wet2Straight Flat Iron with Ceramic+Titanium Plates S7330


HOLGAmods 3D Printed Wet Plate, Dry Plate, Tintype Drying Rack


Large Brass Early Meniscus Lens Darlot 8x10 11x14 Wet Plate


Modern Collodion - Wet Plate Tintype Plates 25 Pack - MINI CUSTOM SIZE


Deardorff 8x10 Field Camera - Large Format, Wet Plate


Vintage Kodak 4 X 5 Film Pack Adapter For Premo For Film or Wet Plate #52


Wet Plate Collodion 8x10 Kit - Free Shipping


Wollensak Velostigmat 15 1/2" (395mm) f/4.5 Portrait / Soft Focus lens-Wet Plate


Wet Plate Collodion 4x5 Start Up Kit - Free Shipping


Voigtlander #6 Heliar 14" (356mm) f/4.5 vintage lens. Wet Plate PORTRAITS.


Vintage Dallmeyer 3B 11.5" f3 brass Wet Plate barrel lens Adjustable Soft Focus


Wet Plate Collodion 16x20 In Bath Box & Dipper - Free Shipping


Wet Plate Collodion 8x10 & 4x5 Combined Kit - Free Shipping


Making the Traditional Wet Plate Camera; Collodion, Dry Plate, Daguerreotype


Vintage Dallmeyer 3A 16" (400mm) f/4 brass Wet Plate lens. Adjustable Soft Focus