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CAMBO WIDE 750 w/ Schneider 75mm Super Angulon, very nice shape


Cambo wide DS complete system with case


cambo actus adaptor to use Canon lenses on Fuji gfx camera


CAMBO Calumet 45NX 4x5 Large Format Camera


Cambo Actus B Sony E mount Camera body with Standard Bellows


Cambo 2¼x3¼ Format Front Standard for Cambo SC I & Super Cambo I View Cameras


Cambo 4X5 monocular reflex viewer w/ revolving base


Calumet Cambo Monorail 4x5 View Camera,Excellent Condition


Cambo Ultima D 4x5 Monorail Large Format View Camera With Rail Extension


Cambo wide - Mamiya 645 Adaptor - 4x5 camera lens board


Cambo Legend 4x5 View Camera Large Format Complete with 2 lenses


Cambo 4x5 Standard Bellows


Cambo Master PC 4x5 Large Format Film View Camera w/Lens & Many Extras


Cambo SCX 4x5 View Camera, 150mm Schneider Symmar-S Lens, 75mm Super Angulon, ++


Cambo WRS Rear Plate SLW-88 


Cambo Wide 650 4x5 Camera w/65mm f5.6 Super-Angulon MC Lens #449


Cambo 4x5 Film Cameras lots of extras


Cambo Wide 580 w/58mm f5.6 XL Super Angulon Lens #376




Cambo Wide DS digital medium format camera. Hasselblad V-mount plate


Cambo Ultima D 4X5 technical camera for film or digital capture + bag bellows


Cambo Ultima 45D 4 x 5" View Camera with 360mm Schneider-Kreuznach lens f6.8-64


Cambo 4x5 Film Cameras


Cambo Calumet 4x5 rail bellows film camera!


Cambo Ultima 35 digital SET-UP, Canon D-SLR mount, Hasselblad V-mount lenses


*PACKAGE* Cambo Legend 4x5 Large Format View Film Camera, lenses, bag bellows


New Cambo/Calumet 4x5 VIew Camera Fresnel lens and Ground Glass


Cambo Ultima 23D digital camera Accepts Digital / Film Lenses and Digital Backs


Cambo WDS-580, Wide DS Viewfinder - Pre-Owned


Cambo Ultima 23D digital camera Accepts Digital Lenses Hasselblad H-series Backs


Cambo ACTUS-DB - Pre-Owned


DB upgrade set for Cambo Actus


Calumet / Cambo Lens Board for Large Format Camera