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Brass Lens

> Antique Seroco Portrait lens Brass Lens 4/4 size #4117


Monarch Wide Angle 5x7 Brass Lens


Brass Voigtlander Tele-Dynar 6.3/29 cm large format lens in Compur shutter


Gundlach Rapid Rectographic Convertible 8x10 Large Format Brass Lens f8 w flange


Antique Massive Brass Lens DSLR vintage lomography 18in EF photography


Bausch & Lomb Vintage Brass Large Format Film View Camera Lens


Petzval Portrait vintage no name brass lens for 4x5 LF camera


Antique Brass Taylor Hobson Cooke 15 inch f 4.5 series II anastigmat EXC. COND.


>Brass Inst. Symmetrical 8x10 Lens & Shutter Large Format View Camera *Read 152


Bausch & Lomb 9” Lens, Brass Barrel with Mounting Block


>Bausch & Lomb Rapid Convertible 8x10 F8 Brass Lens in Unicum Shutter 153


Darlot Paris B.F. & Co Brass Lens Rack & Pinion w/ Front Cover


Simpkinson & Miller Cincinnati Antique Brass 8X10 Rapid Rectilinear Lens SCARCE


Zimmerman Bros. Extra Rapid Rectilinear 8x10 Film Brass Portrait


Wollensak Vesta Portrait 8x10 Petzval Brass Soft Focus Lens f5 14in


= The Scientific Lens Co. WA Symm Symmetrical No. 2 Large Format Brass Lens


F8615~ Unusual f/16 Koehler's Commercial Wide Angle 5X7 Brass Lens


Goerz Celor IB Series No.5 10 3/4 Inch F5 Manual Focus Lens in Brass Barrel


Hermagis Opt. Paris / Large Format Brass Lens No. 7 Ser # 25160


Vtg Emil Busch Extra Rapid Aplanat Brass F:8 Series H No. 2 Photography Lens *


> Vintage Conley Automatic Brass Lens Shutter *Read* 151




> Wollensak Portrait Lens Series A F/5 Large Format Brass Front Element 939


Extremely Rare U.S. Optical Co. W.A. Symm Symmetrical No. Brass Lens


Antique Brass Camera Lens Bausch & Lomb Zeiss Convertible Anastigmat


Rapid Symmetrical Brass Barrel Lens N.C.T. & Co. 7x9 NICE**


> Lot of 5 Vintage Antique Brass Large Format Lens Elements


Antique 12" / 300mm F3.8 Fast PETZVAL Vintage BRASS Large Format Wet Plate Lens


Large Iris Aperture Diaphgram for Petzval Type Large Format Brass Lenses




F73094~ Ross of London Zeiss Brass f/8 W.A. Lens Mount & Pinhole Cap


Wollensak 8x10 Symmetrical Brass Wide Angle Lens


Antique TT&H Brass Ross, London 7 In. No.5 Symmetrical Camera Lens 5 positions


Large Vintage Brass Bulls Eye Lens for Magic Lantern/Military Lamp/Map Plotter


Antique Brass Photo Lens Voigtlander No. 5 Old Vintage Camera 1884


Antique Brass Mounted Lens with Leather Case BF&Co. 2


= Beck Mutar Anastigmat Series I 6 " Inch f6 Large Format Brass Lens


Antique Brass Photo Lens Calhoun Rapid Perspective Old Vintage Camera c. 1900


Vtg Antique ca.1900 Brass Lens with Slot marked R. Rectl. No. 5 U. Nehring N.Y.